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Our Team

Liz Haney

Liz is a soil and ecosystem scientist with experience in soil testing and analyses, carbon and conservation practice modeling, and is the co-developer of the Haney soil health test. Liz’s purpose, drive and passion are helping to improve producer profitability, environmental sustainability, and human health through regenerative practices and soil health. Liz loves nothing more than creating community and is skilled at coordinating and conducting educational events, workshops and conferences bringing together today’s leading innovators in regenerative agriculture.

Julia Mitchell

Julia is a regenerative nutritionist and soil health advocate. Julia's expertise in local food supply economics informs her application of a regenerative farm-to-table production model to multi-species ranch management.

Cody Spencer

Cody is a regenerative bison expert. Cody has managed herds from Texas to Canada using holistic management practices. Cody is also experienced in wildlife habitat restoration and protection. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience regarding farm to consumer direct marketing.

Christie Apple

Agronomist and soil health specialist with experience in row crops and specialty crops such as fruit production, hemp, and hops.

Adam Chappell

Adam is a regenerative corn, soybean, rice and cotton farmer in Arkansas. He is a well respected expert on weed suppression through cover crops, improving ROI, and non-GMO crop production.

Rick Clark

Regenerative and organic farmer who cares deeply about human health and achieving balance with Mother Nature. Rick is a 5th generation farmer ensuring that his farms legacy will be profitable for generations to come.

David Brandt

Jimmy Emmons

Soil health, grazing, cover crop, and conservation expert. Jimmy is currently the Coordinator for Mentoring at the Oklahoma Conservation Commission and previous Regional Coordinator for FPAC in OK, TX, NM, CO and KS. He and his wife are the owners and operators of Emmons Farms. Jimmy is the Vice-President of No-Till on the Plains.

Loran Steinlage

Systems thinker and innovator. Loran is an expert in intercropping, diverse cropping systems, engineering and equipment manufacturing. Loran and his wife, Brenda, operate FLOLO farms, growing commodity and specialty crops for food production. Loran is the recipient of the 2020 No-Till Innovator Award

Michael Thompson

Michael farms in Furnas County, NE and Norton County, KS. He is an expert in no-till, cover crops, heritage grain production and grazing in arid climates. His focus on grazing, cover crops and diversity on his farmland has helped to grow his organic matter to 3 percent and keep chemical-resistant weeds at bay. Michael is the President of No-Till on the Plains.

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