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Regenerative VerifiedTM and Regeneratively GrownTM

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Our Verification Process is:

  • Scientifically validated through soil testing

  • Climate, soil and context specific to your operation

  • Not time or operationally restrictive

  • A producer friendly process

  • Scalable for wide-spread adoption

  • Capable of providing guidance for management decisions

  • A way to measure the impact of your management practices on soil health and productivity

Regenerative VerifiedTM 
Regeneratively Grown

Soil  Regen  announces  Regenerative  VerifiedTM   and  Regeneratively GrownTM,  a  new  scientifically  rigorous  process  to  validate  labeling  of agriculture products  grown  and  produced  using  regenerative  farming practices.  Using  a  two-step  system  of  certified  soil  testing  analysis, along  with  production  management  verification,  this  innovative  process confirms  and  validates  the  use  of  the  Regenerative  VerifiedTM   and  Regeneratively GrownTM  label.  Soil  testing  analysis  will  be  conducted by a certified laboratory  and  regenerative  farming  practices  include  but  are not  limited  to:  cover  crops,  rotational grazing,  mob  grazing,  reducing fertilizer  inputs,  reducing  synthetic  chemical  inputs,  diverse  crop rotations,  minimizing  mechanical soil disturbance. 

Recent  studies  suggest  food  grown  using  regenerative  farming practices  contain  increased  density  of  mineral  micronutrients,  higher omega-3  fats,  and  a  better-balanced  ratio  of  omega-6  to  omega-3  fats in  beef  and  pork  (Montgomery  et  al.,  2022).  This  research  supports Steffan  et  al.,  2017,  assert on  that  soil  has  a  profound  effect  on human health.


  Furthermore,  research  indicates  consumers  are  willing  to  pay  a premium  for  food  products  grown using methods to   improve water quality and reduce carbon footprints. “Our  Regenerative  VerifiedTM process  provides  traceability,  transparency,  identity  preservation,  and increase  profitability  for  hard  working  farmers  while  satisfying  the consumer  demand  for  nutritious  food  which  is  also  good for the environment,” says Dr. Liz Haney, co-owner of Soil Regen. 

Farmers,  Ranchers,  and  food  companies  are  encouraged  to  partner  up with  Soil  Regen,  the  first  company  to  offer Regenerative  VerifiedTM with Regenerative CertifiedTM  laboratory  testing  by  contacting  Liz  Haney, Ph.D.  -  or Russell Hedrick - 

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