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Flex your brewing muscle and join us for a regenerative brewing contest.  We provide the grain, you provide the brew. Brought to you by AGI Digital



Soil Regen will provide the brewers with Iowa malted Regenerative VerifiedTM barley. Brewers can brew any kind of beer using other grains that they choose, but must use the malted barley provided.  Brewers will get a 8 ft booth with their entry fee and will be allowed to provide other beers for taste testing.  If the breweries would like, we can also purchase canned or bottled beer through our distributor for the happy hour on day one of the event.

Barley Fields

Our Regenerative VerifiedTM malted 6-row barley was grown by New Hope Specialty Grains & Craft Malt using the principles of regenerative agriculture including:
Increasing Diversity
Integrating livestock
Reducing chemical inputs

Soils from this field were sent to a certified laboratory for regenerative certification. The soils received a passing score on the Regenerative Certified
TM scale.  The barley was Regenerative VerifiedTM due to the certification score and verification of regenerative practices by a third party.  The barley was custom malted by Vertical Malt.


A panel will select the winner on day one, which will be announced just before happy hour.  Each entrant will receive a special shout out on social media prior to the event.  The winner will be highly publicized on all Soil Regen media. The winner will also be recognized on the Soil Regen website as the #1 regenerative beer until the next BIG SOIL HEALTH EVENT Farm to Brew Challenge in 2023.

The panel will consist of at least one randomly selected attendee at the BIG SOIL HEALTH EVENT! Each beer entry will also be entered into a people's choice award. ONLY 10 ENTREES ARE ACCEPTED SO FILL OUT THE ENTRY FORM FOR YOUR BREWERY TODAY!

GRAND PRIZE $1000 and beer tap trophy

Bar Taps Close-Up
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