Feb 19, 2020, 8:00 AM – Feb 20, 2020, 4:00 PM CST | Tenroc Ranch


Happy to announce this special event with leaders in the regenerative grazing movement! Learn about the principles of grazing for the restoration of ecosystems, soil health, profitability, and carbon storage.


Time & Location

Tenroc Ranch 5471 Thomas Arnold Rd, Salado, TX 76571

About Event

Rangeland makes up more than 65% of Texas and comprises 770 million acres in the United States. In every one of those acres is an opportunity for restoring biodiversity, water quality and quantity, while maximizing profit through resiliency. Learn the principles of regenerative grazing and soil health from today's legendary leaders at the two day Regenerative Grazing for Restoration conference at the beautiful Tenroc Ranch in Central Texas.

The principles of regenerative agriculture are a collective foundation for ecological restoration, improved productivity and profitability, carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat, and increased nutritional quality of food. Speakers Gabe Brown, Dr. Richard Teague, Dr. Rick Haney, Julia and Cody Spencer, Deborah Clark, Dr. David Johnson, and Jonathan Cobb share their experiences and knowledge to give you a better understanding of regenerative grazing/agriculture practices and how to apply them your unique context.

This conference is of interest to land managers, ranchers/farmers, researchers, environmentalists, consultants, agronomists, and anyone else interested in improved animal, human and soil health. Don't miss this awesome event!

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