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Illinois Dust Storm

We are so upset by the tragic loss of life caused by the Illinois dust storm this week. Do we believe this is the fault of the farmers in the area? NO. However, as a community we need to help educate producers on regenerative practices and the benefits of soil health. This community includes agronomists, land-grant universities, NRCS, scientists, extension, and most importantly, farmer to farmer education. As David Brandt, Ohio No-Till Farmer, stated, "We need to work together to make sure this tragedy never happens again." Our prayers go to the families of those involved in this horrific incident.

Winds at the time were gusting between 35mph and 45mph, the National Weather Service said.
“It’s very flat, very few trees,” meteorologist Chuck Schaffer said. “It’s been very dry across this area really for the last three weeks. The farmers are out there tilling their fields and planting. The top layer of soil is quite loose.”

The benefits of regenerative agriculture are many, including reducing wind and water erosion. Our topsoil is a precious resource and we must protect it.

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