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Grow Your Own! {Webinar Replay}

Stepping up to the plate during this time of crisis included featuring specialty crop experts and backyard gardeners. Watch the replay of the Grow Your Own webinar featuring Jess Gnad of Soil Regen, Ellen Mohler of Mulberry Lane Greenhouse and Garden, Scott Snodgrass of Agmenity, and Liz Haney of Salado, Texas.

Jess Gnad - Manhattan, Kansas

Currently hailing from Manhattan, Kansas, Jess Gnad’s path in soil health started with a curiosity about healthy food options in rural communities. It was while she was living in Pratt, Kansas, over the past decade and starting her family with her husband that Jess worked to form a farmer’s market, a local food coop, and a Regenerative Ag School Garden with support from Annie's Homegrown Grants for Gardens. She served as an executive board member for Kansas State University Research and Extension, and as a healthy food/farm consultant with Pratt Regional Medical Center’s Health Coalition. She counts her background as a row crop farmer and an avid gardener growing fruits and vegetables as her foundation for her passion for regenerative agriculture. Jess is a "Jess of all trades" and can also be found coordinating Soil Health U.

Ellen Mohler - Sawyer, Kansas

Ellen Mohler is owner and operator at MulberryLane Greenhouse, Kitchen and Farm Market at Sawyer and market manager for the Pratt Farmers market. Life experiences have helped shape her views on food and health. She, her husband and 3 children live in the old farmhouse and are the 4th generation of her family to farm on the same family land in Pratt County, both she and her husband coming from a long line of traditional farmers. As they transition their family farm from raising entirely commodity crops to growing nutrient-dense food, with an emphasis on regenerative agriculture and neighbors helping neighbors, they hope to help make local food a way of life in Pratt County and the surrounding areas.

Scott Snodgrass - Houston, Texas

Scott’s experience in retail garden centers, restaurants, vegetable farming, and consulting with developers allows him to view challenges in our food system from many angles. As a serial entrepreneur, he has started four businesses and managed numerous projects. For the past four years, through his company, Agmenity, he has become one of the primary thought leaders in the national agrihood movement, regularly speaking on the topic at regional and national conferences.

Liz Haney - Salado, Texas

Haney’s passion is working with the people that spend their lives caring for our soil and helping them to achieve profitability and resilience. After almost 20 years of service with the State of Texas and private labs, she started her own consulting company focusing on regeneration, reclamation, and restoration of land using the principles of soil health. Haney and her husband are responsible for developing the Haney Test as a more holistic way of measuring the soil ecosystem. Haney has extensive knowledge of soil testing and interpretation of data as it relates to management and environmental conditions. She also has experience in systems modeling using various data input platforms aimed at understanding nitrogen fertility, soil calibration, water quality, and climate predictions.


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