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Farming and Ranching for the Future

Are you passionate about regenerative agriculture and soil health? Do you want to learn from some of the leading experts and practitioners in the field? If so, you won't want to miss the Farming and Ranching for the Future conference in Springfield, Missouri!

This two-day event, hosted by Soil Regen, will feature inspiring and informative sessions by Fred Provenza, Johnny Hunter, Jason Snavely, Darin Williams, Jim Johnson, Steve Groff, Seth Watkins and Liz Haney. They will share their insights and experiences on topics such as cover cropping, no-till, crop rotations, livestock integration, holistic management, wildlife habitat, soil biology and more.

You will also have the opportunity to network with other farmers and ranchers who are committed to shaping a sustainable future for our land and food systems. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will find something valuable and applicable to your own context.

Don't miss this chance to join the regenerative agriculture movement and learn how to improve your soil, your profits and your impact.

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