“Nicol is a brilliant photographer and filmmaker, but also an activist inspired by Ansel Adams, who famously wrote that the life of an artist is powerfully enriched only if they mobilize their art for the betterment of all, for justice, peace, and environmental stewardship of the Earth. Nicol wields her camera as the ultimate weapon of love.”
Wade Davis | National Geographic – Explorer in Residence



Located in the heart of the majestic hill country, Roam Ranch sits on over 1000 acres of awe inspiring river bottom land on the outskirts of Fredericksburg, TX. Started by first generation ranchers, Katie and Taylor’s journey was based on a vision to positively impact large-scale agriculture through producing nourishing food that improves the lives of animals, enriches the health of consumers, and regenerates the land on which we depend. ROAM Ranch focuses on restoring ecological health by focusing on soil. Through monitoring key soil health indicators such as organic matter, carbon concentration, water permeability, and a handful of other biological markers, ROAM Ranch is able to track and document ecological restoration over time!



Jonathan and Kaylyn Cobb were married in 2002 after meeting in college and obtaining business degrees. They spent several years living in downtown Fort Worth as newly-weds. As time went on and none of the "kids" had yet moved back, they couldn't let go of the family farm and decided to move back to give farming a shot. Jonathan farmed with Leonard under the industrial row-cropping model for five years while Kaylyn worked as a CPA. During that time, Jonathan realized it was not what he had envisioned, and he did not see a future under that model. He had the difficult talk with his dad about the farm ending with the third generation, they had their house on the market, and he was looking for work in Austin. Thankfully, God intervened. Jonathan and Kaylyn listened to a podcast “Can Faith Be Green?” by Dr. Timothy Keller that helped change the lens through which they viewed creation. Also, through exposure to Holistic Management and soil health principles, they had hope for the first time that a different way was possible. They learned that it was possible to farm in accordance with their values as Christians, that God had designed nature to work, and that they could grow the kind of nutrient-dense food they had been looking for after going through their own health and nutrition journey. Jonathan and Kaylyn both believe this is their calling and ministry, and they are passionate about being a part of regenerating creation. Together they manage and operate a regenerative sheep operation on the farm. Jonathan is a soil health and cover crop consultant and also sits on the boards for the Grassfed Exchange and Holistic Management International. Kaylyn is a graduate of Holistic Management International's Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Program.



Scott is a 4th generation Texan. He is passionate about seeing viable systems for local food production thrive.  Scott has spent time in the garden center, landscaping and restaurant and farming industries (organic and regenerative).

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Soil Chemist/Microbiologist and Research Farmer at USDA-ARS, and creator of the Haney Soil Health Test. Rick grew up farming in Custer County, OK before he earned his PhD in soil microbial ecology and chemistry from Texas A&M University. Rick has researched soil ecology and soil testing for more than 20 years. Rick was awarded the USDA's 2017 Plains Area and 2017 National Technology Transfer Awards. Rick was also awarded the 2018 USDA REE Under Secretary's award for the Haney Test and the 2018 Secretary of Agriculture Honor Award for for the USDA's strategic goal of strengthening the stewardship of private lands through technology and research.

Liz Haney


Liz Haney is the owner of Soil Regen, LLC and her passion is regenerative agriculture outreach and education.

Dr. Haney has degrees in Wildlife and Fisheries (B.S), Soil (M.S.) and Ecosystem Science (PhD).  She previously worked for the State of Texas as a Natural Resource Specialist focusing on the reclamation of mined lands and at Texas AgriLife Research performing watershed analysis of conservation practices.  Her and her husband, Dr. Rick Haney developed the Haney test as a more holistic way of measuring soil nutrient requirements and health.  She has been involved in the regenerative agriculture movement for over 7 years.