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Welcome to Soil Regen!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

We have many new members and want to welcome you to Soil Regen!

Soil Regen: Where Your Soil Health Legacy Begins

What is Soil Regen?

Soil Regen was created from a passion for regenerative ag and commitment to farmers. We are a farmer focused company providing farmers, ranchers, and the food and agricultural community education, Regeneratively GrownTM protein, and Regenerative VerifiedTM agricultural products. Our farm to table consumer goods are grown using Regenerative VerifiedTM processes that validate healthier soils have the potential to produce healthier foods. Each one of us rebels against the “farm the farmer” mentality and is dedicated to provide the resources farmers need to be profitable all the while improving the land.

The Faces Behind the Legacy

Soil Regen is co-owned by two individuals, the #regenrebels, dedicated to improving soil health and teaching about regen ag practices across the nation.

Russell Hedrick is a first-generation farmer from the foothills of Hickory, North Carolina, where he farms JRH Grain Farms, LLC. Russell is known as one of the most progressive young farmers in the country. Russell has been a featured producer in Top Producer Magazine, Furrow Magazine, and on RFD TV, Ag PhD, and National No-Till Farmer for profitability farming by reducing fertilizer inputs and using soil health practices on cash crops. In 2017, he won the North Carolina Corn Yield contest, the first person to win in the state using regenerative practices. Russell’s operation focuses on maximizing profits and direct consumer marketing for all their products, including corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, and pastured beef and pork. He is the founder of Farmers Reserve Distillery, co-founder of Regen Mills and Heritage Ground, co-owner of Soil Regen, LLC, and has partnered with Foothills Distillery producing the first bourbon in North Carolina since prohibition. In 2021, Russell won the North Carolina Soybean Yield contest, having the highest NC soybean yield through 2021.

Liz is a soil and ecosystem scientist with experience in soil testing and analyses, carbon and conservation practice modeling, and an expert on the Haney soil health test, founded by Rick Haney. Liz’s drive and passion are helping to improve producer profitability, environmental sustainability, and human health through regenerative practices and soil health. Throughout her career she has developed an expansive network of scientists, thought leaders, consultants, farmers and ranchers within the sustainable agriculture space. Liz loves nothing more than creating community and is skilled at coordinating and conducting educational events, workshops and conferences to bring together today’s leading innovators in regenerative agriculture. Liz is also a co-founder of Regen Mills and Heritage Ground with Russell.

The Future of Regenerative Ag

From how to set up a planter, to soil testing, to carbon markets and farmer direct marketing, we have it all. And combined with our team of consultants, our practical knowledge ranges from ranching, row-crop farming to hemp production. Soil Regen believes that the foundation of agriculture starts from the ground up with soil/plant interactions. The dynamic biological interactions within the soil provide the key to crop health and profitability. Regenerative Agriculture enhances soil function, leading to soil health and crop resilience. Through education and boots on the ground consulting, the team at Soil Regen can assist you on your journey, from beginning to end.

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